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72V/60V/48V/36V to 12V DC-DC Converter for Electric Bikes, Scooter

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Upgrade your electric vehicle with our versatile 72V/60V/48V/36V to 12V DC-DC Converter, tailored for seamless compatibility with leading brands like Hero Electric, Ampere, Kinetic Green, Okinawa, TVS Motor, Bajaj, Pure EV, Benling, Okaya, Bounce, and Dexpress. This converter is the ultimate power solution for all your 12V auxiliary needs, from headlights to horns, ensuring your ride is equipped with the best in class accessories. Crafted with precision, our converter features a robust design integrated with a 10A fuse for comprehensive overcurrent protection, enhancing the safety and longevity of your device. It's the perfect match for electric scooters, bikes, and cycles, offering an efficient and reliable power conversion from higher voltages to a stable 12V output



  • Metal covering for better heat dissipation.
  • Equipped with a 10A fuse, it provides premium protection against overcurrent, safeguarding your accessories and vehicle.
  • Converts a range of voltages (72V, 60V, 48V, 36V) to 12V, powering your 12V accessories without hassle.
  • Engineered for a perfect fit with popular brands including Hero Electric, Ampere, Kinetic Green, and more, ensuring wide applicability.
  • Output voltage = 12V +-0.5


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