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Information - Please share the following information to get started:


Terms of service& privacy policy (Web):


1. Initial Information:

Domain Name:

Name of the Company: Strictly Electric Automobiles Private Limited

Regd. Office address of the company: STRICTLY ELECTRIC AUTOMOBILES PRIVATE LIMITED, 6,Ground Flr,16,Sophia Manzil,Padmabai Thakkar Marg, Near Kohinoor Mill,Mahim, Mumbai - 400016

2. A brief about the company and the website; (What I’m looking for is content to provide in the ‘About us’ column);

About Company: 

We build highly-desirable sustainable tech products that aim to make the transition to electric solutions feel effortless. We have made a Conversion Kit that allows you to convert any normal bicycle to an electric cycle in less than 20 mins in a completely DIY Manner.

For more information: visit the current version of


About Website:

Its going to be a place where people can pre-book our conversion kit using a certain token amount. They can also view information about our product obviously. 


Eventually they may also make the final payment for the product on the website, along with some other spare parts and accessories. We could also sell other products that our company launches in the future on our website.  Thats it for now.  


3. Details about how the site operates;

You visit the website and view information about our product. Then you either buy or pre-book the product. 

In terms of payment, you will be redirected to a payment gateway like razorpay/payu. 

Currently, you dont need to make an account on the website. We get your information while you make the payment from razorpay. 


4. Is registration mandatory - can Facebook or Google Plus accounts be linked?

A - Not for the upcoming version, however it could be in the near future.

5. Nature of Data collected from users;

We will need information about their current cycles, address, phone number, email, etc for deliveries and creating customisations on the products. So yes we will collect data from users and it can also be used for marketing or other purposes. 


6. Scope of services provided by you;

We provide the above mentioned product as of now along with some additional parts, accessories needed for it. 

7. Whether you wish to employ Cookies? What about Google Ads/analytics?

Yes we employ Cookies on website for marketing & analytics purposes via Facebook Pixels, Google Ads/analytics

8. Whether you wish to use Third Party payment gateways for any services on your site?

Yes, Razorpay or Payu will be used. 


9. Any other information/disclaimer you wish to include on your site, as well as any customization you require with regard to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

Not as of now




Any information/disclaimer you wish to include on your site, as well as any customization you require with regard to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

Not as of now


Refund and cancellation:


1. When are returns accepted? (please mention situations)

Technically there are no returns, there will be replacements. 

These will happen only in case of Shipping Damages or Manufacturing defects for which the customer has to share images & video before opening box or while opening box to prove that it arrived faulty.

Once we see and check that it was a Shipping or Manufacturing defect, the customer has to ship the product back to our registered office. Once we receive it, we will send in the replacement.

2. When are refunds processed? Full refund or store credit?

Refunds are only accepted in the pre-booking phase. When the customers make a booking by giving a token amount, they can ask for a refund whenever they want and it will be processed within 15-30 days since we approve the request for refund.

Post the pre-booking phase, once they make the final payment, there will be no refunds in any case. 


3. Are exchanges allowed?


4. How to return products? Will you pay for return mail?

First you have to send a video, image proving that the product arrived damaged. You can send it on

Once our team verifies and approves, you will have to ship the product to us on our registered office. 

Once we receive it, we will send in the replacement product. 

We pay for the return mail in such a case where the product was damaged or had an issue at the time or delivery.

5. How is money refunded? How many days? 

All types Refunds will be deposited only in Bank A/c of the customers choosing in 15-30 days once approved


Any other applicable information - No


Shipping and delivery:


1. How many days will the product be shipped in? Will you inform the customer?

The product delivery may take around 90 days since the customer makes the FINAL COMPLETE PAYMENT since our product has customisations based on customer requirements/orders. However, there might be further delays due to unforeseen circumstances. 

2. How are the products delivered? (on your own/ other service provider?)

Third party Logistic company eg. Shiprocket

3. How many days approx. for delivery?

Once we ship the product from our side, the delivery could happen in around 15-25 days depending on the location of the user. Again, this does not account for unforeseen circumstances. 

4. Delivery is free, or charged? Please mention details of charges.

We intend to sell multiple products on our website. For some products the delivery is free and for some it is paid. You should check each individual product’s delivery charges and information before you pre-book or order the product. (here order means to also make final payment)


5. When is delivery considered complete? Can the customer return the product to the delivery person?

When the customer officially receives the product from the delivery person. 

No, the customer cannot return the product to the delivery person.

6. Do you have cash on delivery?

No, we only work on advance payments.

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